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World Jazz Odyssey

Despite its origins in the United States, Jazz has become a truly international musical genre. Travellers can find jazz venues all over the world, from tiny, back-street rooms to large and glamorous music halls. A music which is synonymous with late nights and relaxed, convivial company, jazz and travel make good companions.
Unsurprisingly perhaps, given its reputation for chilled-out hedonism, Amsterdam is one of Europe’s top cities when it comes to experiencing live jazz. A weekend adventure in Amsterdamis not complete without visiting at least one of the city’s jazz venues. One great way to soak up jazz in the Dutch capital is at one of the Free Jazz Sundays which take place each week. Travellers should make sure they head out the Pijp area of the city, where there are some notable jazz cafes. The Sunday afternoon sessions here are legendary. With everything the city has to offer, a weekend break in Amsterdam is an ideal candidate for a short break from the norm, and jazz can be an integral part of that break. If something a little livelier is preferred, then there are several large jazz theatres to explore, especially the Bimhuis, which retains a strong reputation for the quality of the music on offer.

Of course, New York City remains one of the world’s greatest cities when it comes to jazz. The city played a crucial role in the history of jazz, with performers such as Miles Davies living and working in the city when at their peak. Whether you’re looking to take a big bite, or just a nibble of a city break in the Big Apple, jazz makes a great soundtrack. Jazz fans might like to spend one of their days following a jazz heritage trail in the city. Several bus tours are available, and travellers should keep their eyes open for local offers. Harlem was the centre for much of the jazz culture which New York City spawned, and travellers should check out the Jazz Museum which is situated in the area. Picking up the history of New York jazz is a simple process here.

There are also a number of great jazz clubs in Harlem to enjoy when the sun goes down. But it is not the only part of the city where the music wails and pulses through the night. Broadway remains a good locale for late night clubs, while Seventh Avenue in Manhattan also has some well-known venues from which travellers can choose.