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Most Spectacular Safari Exploration other than Africa

For every time you think of wild safari, who said it had to be Africa? From places closer to the extremes corners of the world, there are lot of places to enjoy the best wildlife experiences; safari adventures across the world are breathtaking. So for those people who cannot make it to Africa, there’s no need to worry and thinking of dropping away your plan of wildlife safaris.  Below is the list of some of the perfect destination you can go on discovering the wildlife. Have the benefit of enjoying these places with best deals from EaseMyTrip.com

Lapland’s Reindeer Safari

lapland reindeer ride

Image source: http://www.houseoftravel.co.nz/images/finland—general/lapland-reindeer-finland.jpg?sfvrsn=2&size=

Location: Lapland, Sweden

Explore the powdery snow with the stunning views of the white wilderness, where get to see varied kind of wild animals walking in the region. Indulge yourself in the local Sami culture of the people of Scandinavia.

You get to explore:  it’s the Reindeer’s territory, where you can easily spot similar wildlife along side.

Also do not miss out trying your hands on ice fishing as the part of the safari experience.

Safari Danube Delta

Safari Danube Delta

Image source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/30/51/ba/3051ba9b42d523c1ad262ebe415d8b41.jpg

Location: Enisala Village, Romania

It is a land which needs no description; Romania is a place world famous for its ancient architecture and old traditional castles. The stunning mountains and the picturesque landscapes is an abode to magnificent wildlife and the Safari at Danube Delta will give you the feel of an excitement watching the wild creatures.

You get to Explore: The world heritage nature provides you with the opportunity of spotting a variety of wild animals from lynx to wolves and to the chamois of Romania. Watch out the place for spotting varied birds also.

a go on exploring Razim Lake and Enisala Fortress during your trip

Yala National Park

yala national park

Image source: http://eternaljourneys.in/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Yala-National-Park_06-min.jpg

Location: Hambantota, Colombo, Sri Lanka

When there comes an opportunity of exploring plenty of wildlife animals, who would be wanting to go to Africa, Yala is such a place appealing you for its wildlife in the shrouded woodlands surrounded by the splendid water bodies.

You get to explore:  the area consist of the high density of leopard along with elephants. You can also spot deer and jackals and sloth bears along the corners of the region.

Also being one of the largest national parks in Sri Lanka, you can walk along the wide stretched land of the parks just to delay this experience of nature and wildlife beauty.

Polar Bear Safari

polar bear safari

Image source: http://frecked.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Spitsbergen-Polar-Bear-Safari.jpg?dfe0e1

Location: Svalbard Island, Norway

The best way to enjoy Norway is dipping yourself in a lot of ice and snow. The region looks stunning with the white beauty of glaciercs around which gets all the more beautiful when you go on discovering the different polar bear safaris in the area for example- Natural World Safaris.

You get to explore: the area is famous for spotting the Polar Bear and watch them doing their daily routines within their natural habitat, when they fight and play along each other; it’s a sight you cannot miss.

Also the glaciers surrounding the area make the experience more worth.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Image source: http://www.360globaladventures.com/images/tadoba-tiger-cub.jpg

Location: Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India

The experience becomes totally different when you get to spot the species of tigers roaming around the area.  Though it’s not uncommon to find tiger safaris but the experience you get in this tiger reserve is exceptionally interesting and thrilling.

You get to explore:  the reserve is a home to several wild dogs, sloth bears and tigers.  Moreover you can enjoy spotting number of birds in the region.

Also do not miss out tasting freshly picked fruit from the seasonal Jamun trees for a much beneficiary trip.

Kangerlussuaq Musk-Ox Safari

Kangerlussuaq Musk-Ox Safari

Image source: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/9doDf3D_isM/maxresdefault.jpg

Location: Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

Even being the town of biting cold weather conditions, it is an ideal destination for the wildlife experiences. Though Greenland remains on the bucket list of every traveler for the number of reasons, exploring the wildlife Safari should be one of them too.

You get to explore: it is a perfect place to witness magnificent Arctic Foxes, Reindeer and charming musk ox

Also Greenland could be your best destination to witness the ever fascinating northern lights.

Bali Safari and Marine Park

Bali Safari and Marine Park

Image source: http://bernardbaliadvisor.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/rhino-package-03.jpg

Location: Ginyar, Bali, Indonesia

One considers Bali as a water destination and travel here generally for the beaches, but just to expand your knowledge; one should know that it is an ideal place for having a safari experience. Travel away from the chaos of the city towards the local countryside and enjoy the echoing nature.

You get to explore: the place is an elephant territory, where these magnificent creatures can be seen enjoying their daily routine. One should witness the Sumatran elephant in particular, all along with the Sumatran tiger and the Bali mynah.

Also make a stopover in one of the ancient villages to explore the area’s splendid cultural life where you can see the perfect amalgamation of rural and wildlife.

High Tatra Mountain Safari

High Tatra Mountain Safari

Image source: https://justraveling.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/view-of-great-pond-in-five-ponds-valley_tatra-mountains_poland.jpg

Location: High Tatra Mountains, Slovakia

Being the tallest range in Slovakia’s Carpathian Mountains surrounded by the grandiose peaks, rare species of animals, exclusive varieties of plant and the perfect ambience are the word that describes the place in a much perfect way.

You get to explore:  the region is the best destination to where you can spot amazing eagles, variety of birds, wolves and black storks.

Also during your safari, walk upto the snow covered paths of the snow covered mountains.

The Everglades Safari

The Everglades Safari

Image source: http://www.austinrealtyconsultants.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Everglades-Safari-Park.jpg

Location: Miami, Florida

Only because of the lack knowledge, you might not be considering the region could be popular for giving a great safari experience. However for your amazement, the area is surprisingly good when we talk about spotting wildlife.

You get to explore:  wild hogs and deer are the major species to spot and what makes it worth to explore. You can also witness turtles and alligators.

Also do not miss out exploring the different artifacts from the old campsites in and around the safari, giving your safari a bite of history.