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Family Days Out

If you have a family day out coming up and you are the lucky person who gets to arrange it all, then do not panic. A few simple points should help you to plan as perfect a day as you can with as few hitches as possible. When dealing with young children or even teenagers, ensuring a smooth trip cannot always be a guarantee of course, however you can still do all that you can to make it go as smoothly as possible.

The Journey

You may be able to get a discount on your train or bus tickets through a family train ticket. Young persons rail cards can come in very handy also.

Long rail journeys in particular should be planned well, bringing reading material for yourself and the family, a laptop or some music. These items can  make all the difference in making the journey pass faster and more enjoyable. Keeping young children entertained may be difficult on a long trip so bringing as much entertainment as possible will be worth it.

There should be food and drink available on board but this cannot always be guaranteed. If so, you may consider having enough cash readily available in case there is no card option, as the last thing you probably want is to be sat on a long journey with a rumbling stomach and that of your family’s.

If you have young children or want to be able to talk to your family on the trip it may be worth making sure you do not end up in a quiet zone, as bringing a potentially noisy family into a quiet area may cause problems for yourself and others.

The Trip

A lot of sightseeing destinations and tourist attractions should have some offers on days out and family tickets including adults and children, offering an overall discount with some places even offering free admission for children under a certain age.

If you are dealing with children and going to an unknown destination, it can be beneficial to have a meeting point in case someone gets lost.

Depending on who is going on your family day out, trying to please everybody can be difficult, trying to find a family friendly spot is the easiest bet and there should hopefully be something for everyone.

Bringing plenty of food, money and a map can all help on the day, you cannot assume there will be these facilities on your trip.

Researching the area first and planning your time, considering what can be done, what do people want to do and if you do not have time to do it all, prioritising what you wish to do first as well as looking into how much things cost.

A family day out should be a fun and memorable occasion, by being prepared you should be able to prevent potentials problems as much as possible, whether it is through saving money on a train family ticket or by making sure you go to a family friendly destination. However when it comes to baby tantrums and stroppy teenagers, the rest is up to you!

About the Author – Sarah Makinson is a regular contributor to a number of lifestyle blogs, including South West Trains.